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Electric Motor Parts Helps Manage Your Mill Cranes and Hoist for Greater Profitability!


To be profitable in today’s global competition requires that Aluminum/Steel Mills meet and succeed in all the different challenges they face. Streamlining the manufacturing processes is a must while keeping production cost low. At EMP we stock solutions for the Aluminum/Steel manufacturing industry that can help improve your operation at every point such as; faster delivery times on electric motor replacement parts and a more competitive pricing structure. Ask us about our cost reducing purchases plan.Increase Productivity and ReliabilityTo be successful in the global marketplace, a company must achieve a high level of competitiveness. Electric Motor Parts is positioned to help you in that process. At Electric Motor Parts we stock solutions for your most pressing challenges.

Today you have to be competitive on all business fronts: quality, delivery and pricing. In addition to on-time delivery demands that place added pressure on your mills; downtime is not an option. With our large inventory of DC Electric motor parts we can help keep your mill running 24/7. We also can shorten your electric motor repair downtime, and we do this by having the parts you need in stock when you need them!


Our large inventory of electric motor replacement parts includes:

  • Brushes – MC400-MD400-MC600-MD600-MC800-MD800 Series Frames
  • Brush Holders – MC400-MD400-MC600-MD600-MC800-MD800 Series Frames
  • Grommets – MC400 MD400 and MC600 MD600 Series Frames.
  • Insulators – Blocks, Clamps, Insulators and Studs.
  • Pinion Nuts – MC400-MD400-MC600-MD600-MC800-MD800 Series Frames.
  • Lock Washers – MC400-MD400-MC600-MD600-MC800-MD800 Series Frames